The countdown begin.. 12 more days until @twinpeaks starts.. for now we will wait patiently 🌬 “The first time Lynch smoked weed he ill-advisedly climbed behind the wheel of a pickup truck. Probably not the best idea. “Three of us got into this pickup truck and drove down to New York City, in Brooklyn,” he says. “It was on that trip that I smoked marijuana for the first time. And then it was my turn to drive. So I was driving on the freeway and pretty soon I hear, “David.” And I said, “What?” And they said, “David!” and I said “What?!” and I then I hear, “DAVID!”… “WHAT?!”… “You stopped on the freeway, man.” Turns out Lynch had been so tripped out by the lines going by on the freeway that he brought the car to a halt in the middle lane. “It was such a dream,” he says. I guess that explains all the shots of road lines in Lost Highway.”


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